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Today, roughly 23 billion shoes are produced each year. So, how can we balance our love of sneakers with the need for sustainability?

I worked with the team at TED-Ed to visualize womenswear designer Angel Chang's lesson on how shoe manufacturing impacts our planet.

A challenge with this piece to communicate the complexity of the text in a visual form that was both factually correct yet visually engaging. To achieve this I designed a stylistic approach that was minimal yet bold, using 'cut out' block shapes to build compositions. The minimal nature to the stylistic approach acted as a juxtapose against the complexity of the text, so that the viewer would be able to effectively engage and understand the piece.

Educator: Angel Chang
Designer & Animator: Ella Dobson
Narrator Addison: Anderson
Sound Designer: Stephen LaRosa
Music: Stephen LaRosa
Director of Production: Gerta Xhelo
Editorial Producer: Alex Rosenthal
Producer: Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Associate Editorial Producer: Dan Kwartler
Script Editor: Emma Bryce
Fact-Checker: Eden Girma
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