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While working at Hornet, I was privileged to have worked with the 2D team on the #metoo 'Daniela' film.

Natalie Labarre directed this powerfully moving and relevant film in collaboration with the Me Too movement and the Deutsch agency.

The animation was one of four PSAs released by the #MeToo movement, created by Tarana Burke in 2006 to support survivors and end sexual violence.

My role was animating the background textures throughout the film, bringing the underwater flower scene to life, and designing/animating the #metoo end logo.

Director: Natalie LaBarre
Storyboard Artist: Natalie LaBarre
Designers: Natalie LaBarre, Sami Healy, Sara Litzenberger Lead Compositor: Mike Luzzi
Animators: Angela De Vito, Natalie LaBarre, Samantha Healy, Sara Litzenberger, Andres Padilla, Ella Dobson, Kathleen Gleeson, Seongjin Yoon
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