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I was asked by the team at Barron's Group to bring CEO/Co-Founder Ben Chestnut's story to life in an animated form for MarketWatch.

The goal for this piece was to convey how difference can have the potential to be a unique power in a room, and when you realize that, you can see how it can work in your favor.
I wanted to communicate this theme of 'difference' in the piece through the use of certain colors — a set of vibrant/warm colors used on characters and objects to symbolize Chestnut and Mailchimp's 'difference', then cooler/muted colors to symbolize the majority/mainstream.

If you'd like to read the full interview with Ben Chestnut, jump over here.

Producer: Sam Reichman
Supervising Producer: Ellie Ismailidou
Executive Producer: Melissa Haggerty
Designer & Animator: Ella Dobson
Special Thanks: Ben Chestnut
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