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Google Open Source

The Open Source Programs Office (OSPO) hosted the OpenSource@Google Summit, which was the first Google-wide internal open source event. The 2021 event brought together the open source community to learn, share, and collaborate with one another.

The brief was to create a fun, engaging visual treatment for the virtual environment of the event, which would make attendees feel like they were in outer space. To achieve this in the intro animation, I played with the concept of 'pulling' participants into outer space and taking them on a ride, by placing the 2D illustrations in a 3D landscape.

As we fly out of the space ship and into outer space, the constellations build in, going from abstract line work to depicting developer iconography and developer products like Flutter, Tensorflow, Android and more. This playful build up and 'rollar coaster' ride to the final logo reveal, was a hit with the client and wider open source community.

Animator: Ella Dobson
Sound Design Director: Peter Van Straten
Art Director: Daniel Nicholas
Creative Director: Rick Murphy
Illustrator: Molly Hensley
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